New Year's Resolutions

January 7, 2019


I wrote a long list of resolutions that I wanted to follow this year. The list was waaaayyy too long to be realistic, so I cut it down to these few, attainable things.





1. Start/Keep up this blog -

I am very determined to keep updating this blog with posts about my work, the things that interest me, and any other random thoughts that I think would make a good post.


2. Draw more - Drawing everyday, even quick little things, is a great way to develop your illustration style. Last year I drew everyday for a month and my style gradually got better with each day that passed. I want to be more consistent with my drawings to continue to enhance my illustration style.


3. Sell at more fairs and conventions -

Last December I sold some prints and stickers at my very first convention; Heroes and Villains Fan Fest, San Jose! It was a really great experience. Super fun! I met a bunch of other great, kind, and helpful artists in my community, as well as a bunch of amazing people who bought my art! I'm so thankful for all the support I received for that event, especially to my fiancé who was there with me for the entire weekend. He's the best :) But I'm actively looking for more fairs and conventions to join in the Bay Area. I missed a couple of the cut off dates for this year already (crazy considering it's only JANUARY!), but I'm still looking! If you know of any in the Bay, hit a girl up ;) 


4. Keep up with Keto - 

My weddings is in 2020 and I'm trying to look hella cute for that lol. My fiancé, Coby did a few months of the Keto diet last year and lost 35 pounds! He also worked out everyday, but he has a free gym in his building at work, so that's a little unfair :P BUT, I also did Keto with him for like two months and lost 15 pounds! Which is crazy for me because the only exercise I really had was my 20 minute walk commuting to work from a Bart station. Well, 40 minutes if you count the walk back to Bart from my work. Anyways, I plan on sticking to the diet for most of this year to help me look and feel better. If anyone would like a little more insight on my progress with this diet, or any recipes, I will create a future blog post about it!  


5. Read more! 

I feel like I haven't read a real book in years! Probably not since high school, and those books were required for me to read! So I haven't read a book for the sole purpose of enjoyment for a very long time. That will change this year! I have a list of books that I plan on reading this month! I'm starting off with "I Might Regret This" by Abbi Jacobson, one of my faves from Broad City. Also on my list is "Why We Make Things and Why it Matters" by Peter Korn. My boss gave me this book for Christmas and she said she really enjoyed it because it was very enlightening as a creator. Other books include mangas and how to's for illustration inspiration purposes.


6. Use more traditional materials

I want to get back into oil painting, watercolors, color pencils, and marker drawings. It's so easy and convenient to have an iPad to draw with. You can erase mistakes and layer things to have "perfect" drawings. I miss the hand-made quality of traditional drawings. Although I'm a digital artist, I miss using physical materials to create artwork. I think starting off with watercolors and color pencils will help me get back in to the painting mode before I dive back into oils. 


7. Keep up with Blogilates

If you don't know Casey Ho, you need to get on her blog and youtube channel right now! Casey is the creator of Blogilates, a channel where she creates videos and planned exercises incorporating pilates into your workout routine. She's upbeat, fun, and really encouraging in her videos, so it's nice and easy to hear her voice as you work out along side her. She's the only person I trust when it comes to my personal workout routine, but I always fall short on following her workouts. The only time I have to workout is after work, but my commute is so long and tiring that I'm just too tired to even bother. I could wake up earlier in the morning because her workouts are always about 30 mins for the convenience of working people, but I don't want to bother my in-laws with the early morning noise of me jumping around with music blasting. I just have to find right time of day for me to successfully work out. I can do it! I know I can! 


These are the 7 resolutions that I have set for this year! I will keep everyone posted, probably on my instagram, so hit me with that follow to keep up ;)


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